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Dare 2010: Supporting African AIDS organizations, two sideburns at a time (VIDEO)

December 7, 2010

Grow your sideburns. Raise funds for AIDS in Africa. Nice. Click here to join Decemburns >>

Today we wanted to share with you a December Dare that has been getting a lot of attention: Decemburns. As explained on,

‘Decemburns’ are sideburns that you grow during the month of December to help bring awareness to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The idea is to look silly enough to evoke the question “why do you look like that?”, giving you the opportunity to explain to your friends and family that women are disproportionately affected by this disease in Africa, and that men carry a disproportionate amount of the power to improve the situation. Also, to raise money to support good programs that work towards rectifying this imbalance and putting the brakes on HIV transmission.

In other words: grow sideburns in December (or wear a pair of fake ones) and help raise awareness about — and funds for — African community organizations turning the tide of HIV and AIDS.

Global News interviewed Decemburns founder Mark Daku and Stephen Lewis Foundation staff member Alexis MacDonald about the fundraising effort. You can watch the video by clicking here.

To join the Decemburns team or donate to the fuzzy-faced cause, click here!

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