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Dare 2010: Pat Thornton Dares to make you laugh — for 24 hours straight

November 8, 2010

Pat Thornton is a Toronto-based comedian with a seriously funny Dare.

From Monday, November 15, at 6 p.m. to Tuesday, November 16, at 6 p.m., Pat will be doing stand-up comedy for 24 hours straight at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Pat will be helped out by a crack team of comedy writers, a slew of corny joke books, people who send him jokes via his Twitter page, and industrial-strength doses of caffeine. Last year Pat pulled off a 24-hour joke fest and raised over $5000 in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s A Dare to Remember campaign. This year he has set his goal at $6000, and is already well on his way there.

Pat will be joined at Comedy Bar by another Darer, the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Jerad Gallinger. His Dare is the 24-Hour Tweet Feat: Jerad will watch all 24 hours of Pat’s set, tweet the whole thing on his Twitter account, and laugh at every joke — whether it’s funny or not!

The Comedy Network will be broadcasting Pat’s stand-up set live on its website, along with Jerad’s tweets. Watch as they both descend into sleepless delirium starting Monday, November 15, at 6 p.m.

Funds raised by Pat, Jerad and other Darers support the work of grassroots organizations Turning the Tide of AIDS in Africa. You can donate to Pat’s Dare by clicking here, and to Jerad’s Dare by clicking here.

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