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Reflections from the Mahjong-a-thon

November 17, 2009
Victoria Mahjong-a-thon players

Victoria Mahjong-a-thon players

Happy chatter and the clacking of Mahjong tiles in a comfortable, affluent Victoria neighbourhood is a far cry from families torn apart by AIDS in Africa.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation, well known for its humanitarian work with families and communities in Africa struggling with HIV/AIDS, has put out a nationwide challenge to all Canadians to do something daring to ‘help turn the tide of AIDS in Africa’.

Responding to that challenge a few friends (seniors and grandmothers) decided to play Mahjong for 12 hours as their dare.

On Wednesday morning, October 21st. at 6.45 a.m., while it was still dark outside, we gathered at the home of one of us ready for a full day ahead. The coffee was ready and promptly at 7 a.m the Mahjong mAIDS (as we called ourselves for the dare) began our marathon. There were 15 of us prepared to play, some for longer periods, some for shorter but all enthusiastic about the cause. We had canvassed supporters and hoped to raise $2,500.

The day passed quickly as we attempted different hands – Windy Dragons, Three Great Scholars, Chop Suey, Imperial Jade. There would be a small prize for anyone who could get Nine United Sons; nobody did!   We took turns to play, have a bowl of soup, rest and return but play went on continuously for 12 hours …….. and while we played our spouses were making dinner for us at another location.

How fortunate we are in the comfort of our environment. How often do we take the time to think of those whose children have died of AIDS and are now bringing up their grandchildren under harsh conditions? We took a little time to support those grandmothers and the work of Stephen Lewis and the Foundation. Will you take a little time to support them too? To date we have raised just over $4,500. You could help us make that total higher still by visiting and clicking on ‘Find or Sponsor Someone’. Type in first name ‘Averil’ and make a donation.

Join us and Dare to Remember.

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