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Daring to get fit…

November 11, 2009

For most of us, on the best of days, getting in that daily workout can be a small challenge. For Laura Smallwood, an environmental analyst with the Canadian International Development Agency in Ottawa, it’s even more so: she has MS.

So it’s no small feat that Smallwood has joined FIT Club as her A Dare to Remember challenge. She’s one of five women in the CIDA office that are participating in the get-fit club.

Smallwood says she’s been contributing to charities for years, but was particularly drawn to the Foundation’s recent fund-raising effort, because, it “gets you out of your comfort zone,” she says with a laugh.

To date, the group has raised over $2,000—about 200% above their initial goal.

Smallwood, who is originally from Brampton and graduated from Carleton University’s School of Public Policy before joining CIDA four years ago, says she’s been sticking to her Dare of riding her exercise bike four times a week for 45 minutes. Occasionally, she’ll add sit-ups.

Her top tip for getting donations? Individualized e-mails to her network of friends, followed by updates every couple of weeks.

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