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Daring to go vegetarian for a week…

November 6, 2009

“I’ve had meals of just meat,” jokes Jamie Masse, 22,  in explaining his decision to become a vegetarian for one week for his A Dare to Remember challenge.

“It’s not fun,” he says wryly on day five of his feat. “It’s been a shock to the system.”

Perhaps that’s why his friends and contacts so eagerly supported his efforts—on the first day he reached out to them via an e-mail blast, he surpassed his $500 fund-raising goal. He’s since upped it to $1,000.

Masse, 22, grew up in Windsor and moved to Kingston to attend St. Lawrence College’s practical nursing program four years ago. He’s now the recreational leader at the city’s Boys and Girls Club, responsible for planning after-school programming for kids aged 6 to 12.

With the extension of the campaign, and a little goading by a friend, he’s decided to add another phase to his venture into “green”:  He will demonstrate how to make a vegetarian meal (he’s considering tabouli, a Lebanese salad dish) decked out in an ‘80s tracksuit and fake mustache, which will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

And while Masse admits that he will not give up his meat-eating ways, he is considering some dietary adjustments.

“I had no problem sinking my teeth into a delicious prosciutto sandwich,” he says after the completion of his Dare. “However,  I have since decided to try to eat more exclusive vegetarian meals. At this point, I’m thinking about two days a week.”

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