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50 Daring Ideas

September 18, 2009

That’s right, 50 daring ideas.

Why not choose one for yourself and then dare a friend?

daretoremember_300x3001. Dare to dine: host a dinner party and invite all of your friends
2. Dare to give up caffeine or sweets for a week
3. Dare to eat only local food or go vegetarian for a week
4. Dare to go bare: shave your head or your beard
5. Dare to go drastic: cut your long locks or try a bright new hair colour (ie. fuchsia)
6. Dare to quit smoking
7. Dare to take the plunge: bungee jump or skydive
8. Dare to turn off the TV or put away the video games for a week
9. Dare to drive: get your drivers’ license
10. Dare to dive: learn to swim and try some laps at a local pool
11. Dare to babysit for a friend or neighbour
12. Dare to tie the knot (or at least pop the question!)
13. Dare to write: try your hand at the short story or chapter of the novel you’ve always wanted to write!
14. Dare to date: ask someone out or take your partner on a surprise outing
15. Dare to don a superhero costume and do good deeds for a week
16. Dare to run: do a 5km, 10km, ½ marathon or full marathon
– whatever challenges you to push past your limits!
17. Dare to clean: if you’ve got a reputation for being messy, try keeping things spotless
18. Dare to bring your lunch to work for a week or cook for your parents or other loved ones for a week
19. Dare to create a human chain: get all of your friends and as many strangers as you can find to hold hands across a major landmark like Stanley Park, Parliament Hill, or Yonge & Dundas Square!
20. Dare to read War and PeaceUlysses, or another novel you’ve never had the courage to tackle
21. Dare to hold a sing-a-long or choreographed dance routine in a public place and post it on YouTube
22. Dare to put away the Blackberry for a day (or better yet, a week!)
23. Dare (not) to drink: give up alcohol for a week
24. Dare to walk backwards at school or in your office for a day
25. Dare to take a flying trapeze lesson
26. Dare to clean up litter in your neighbourhood or rake leaves for every house on your street!
27. Dare to go the distance: spin, swim, walk, run or bike a set number of kilometres as an individual or as a team – e.g. the distance from Ottawa to Toronto, or from Cairo to Cape Town!
28. Dare to leave the car at home for a week – walk, bike or take public transit instead!
29. Dare to give up texting for a week
30. Dare to hug everyone you see
31. Dare (not) to swear
32. Dare to be part of a human AIDS ribbon
33. Dare to read ten books in a month
34. Dare to go a week without shopping or eating out
35. Dare to have kids do the family chores for week
36. Dare to darn: try your hand at knitting, crocheting or quilting
37. Dare to draw: take a life drawing class or try your hand at painting
38. Dare to dance: try learning tango, salsa, hip hop, tap dance and more!
39. Dare to draw a crowd: be a busker or a street performer for a day
40. Dare to take the stairs – no elevators/escalators allowed!
41. Dare to scare: wear your Halloween costume every day for a week
42. Dare to wear your clothes backwards or wear all of your clothes at once
43. Dare to sing karaoke and belt out ballads like  “You light up my life” or “My heart will go on”
44. Dare to get your school involved: hold a talent show/ dance-a-thon/ or rent-a-student day
45. Dare to wear a tutu, wetsuit or waterwings in public
46. Dare to party: host a block party and invite all of your neighbours to donate to a good cause
47. Dare to make dinner: take a cooking class and make a gourmet meal
48. Dare to host a games tournament:  play poker/ Jeopardy / Trivial Pursuit / Settlers of Catan
49. Dare to downward dog:  take a power yoga class or try a yoga marathon
50. Dare to declutter: clean out your garage and hold a yard sale

So the question is: what will you do?

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